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May 29, 2018
May 29, 2018
BookExpo’s Librarians’ Lounge 2018: Meet These Great Vesuvian Books Authors
May 30, 2018

by Dale Wiley


E very hour, explosions rock the United States—without warning of where they will occur.

Big cities. Small towns. Rural back roads.

Sinister messages appear on computer screens across America, and the message is clear.

No one is safe…

  • Not disgraced FBI agent Grant, awaiting his call back to the big time;
  • Not rapper Pal Joey, an international sensation;
  • Not savvy beauty Caitlin, the ultimate “Sin City” party girl;
  • Not even Naseem, the would-be martyr who helped plan the attacks.

As an unhinged mastermind paralyzes the country, all roads lead to Las Vegas, where unlikely heroes must put aside their differences and forge an alliance to stop the attacks before the passing hours bring down a Nation.

Can four people, united only by their hatred of a common enemy, stop … Sabotage?